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· The application is open to any student or recent graduate who is a Studio Art major (BA, BFA, or MFA candidate, or recent graduate) attending a college or university in Northeast Ohio. Students must be a junior, senior, or *recent graduate.  (*Recent means within one calendar year of graduation date.  Recent graduates must reside east of the Mississippi.) Northeast Ohio-based remote students attending schools located outside Northeast Ohio will also be considered.

· Up to two applications will be selected for a three-week solo exhibition in the Winter of 2025. 

·  Every entrant must be a member of the Massillon Museum. New student members are welcome at any time. New membership ($10)  may be purchased as part of this Submittable application.

· Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable $25 entry fee and items requested in this Submittable application form.

· Artwork submitted should reflect a theme.

· Artists are responsible for artwork delivery and pickup, including any shipping costs and return shipping costs.

· Artists are expected to be present at the exhibition reception. Reception dates vary depending on the Museum’s existing event schedule. The Museum reserves the right to cancel a reception, or limit reception attendance, for health and safety reasons. 

· Accepted two-dimensional artwork must be ready to hang on a wall. If art is three-dimensional, it must be ready to display. Artwork must be smaller than 8 1/2 feet tall or wide.  Framed works must have wire or D-rings secured to the back of the frame (no saw teeth). Frames must be sturdy and in good condition. The Museum is not responsible for artwork damaged as a result of not having been properly framed or mounted. Clip and plastic box frames are not acceptable. The Museum reserves the right to reject artwork that is not suitable for installation.

· Artists must provide the appropriate number of artworks to fill Studio M space. Generally speaking, for medium-sized (24” wide) 2-D artwork, the appropriate number is about 20. The specific appropriate number of artworks varies greatly depending on the size and nature of the work.

· Please be aware that the Museum maintains ADA compliance and a sensitive physical environment that may affect certain installation arrangements or preclude the use of certain materials.

· Artwork may be for sale. The Massillon Museum will facilitate all sales transactions, retaining a 30% commission. 

· All artwork installed, sold or unsold, must remain on view until the end of the exhibition. 

· Artwork will be unsupervised; artists should take appropriate precautions.

· All work to be included in the show will be delivered to the Museum on the date agreed upon by the artist(s) and the Museum’s Studio M Coordinator. Generally this is about two weeks before the exhibition start date. It should be retreived by 5:00 pm on the Tuesday immediately following the close of the show, or on the date agreed upon with the Museum's Studio M Coordinator.

· The Museum will be in charge of promoting the show to the media and to Museum supporters through print, social media, and weekly e-blasts. The Museum will provide 50 postcard announcements to the artist, who will be responsible for stamping and mailing to their personal lists. The artist may design and mail out his or her own additional postcards, which must be approved by Massillon Museum prior to printing. Other contacts with the press shall be done through the Museum. Artists are welcome to promote the exhibition on their own social media accounts. The information shared should be consistent with Museum promotion information. Artists are invited to share Museum social posts, and to share the digital version of the postcard once the final design has been approved.

·The Museum will provide 50 postcard announcements to the artist, who will be responsible for stamping and mailing to their personal lists. The artist may design and mail out his or her own additional postcards, which must be approved by Massillon Museum at least two weeks prior to printing. 

· The Massillon Museum requires that any printed literature or advertising (digital or print) referencing the exhibit's specific occurrence at the Massillon Museum—whether produced by the artist or the media—including images of its installation at the Museum, be reviewed and approved by the Museum. Consent by the Massillon Museum is required to use the Museum's likeness, logo, or any visual reference to the exhibit in its iteration at the Museum.

· The artist agrees to engage in a pre-recorded conversation about the exhibition for presentation to the Museum's audience in a podcast. The conversation will be about the concept of the exhibition, the artist’s background and experience. The running time will be about 45-60 minutes, and the podcast will remain accessible even after the exhibition closes.

· A stipend is available for up to $200, after submission and approval of travel and lodging receipts. The stipend will be processed after the exhibition has concluded.

·  For more information about Massillon Museum, visit Massillon Museum's website at www.massillonmuseum.org. For any additional questions, contact the Studio M Coordinator at evigil@massillonmuseum.org

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.