·   The application is open to a BFA or MFA candidate attending a university in Northeast Ohio. 

·   Two applications will be selected for three week shows, May -June, then June-July of 2020. Each exhibition will be on view for three weeks.

·   Every entrant must be a member of the Massillon Museum. New student members are welcome at any time. New membership may be purchased as part of this Submittable application.

·   Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable $25 entry fee and items requested in this Submittable application form.

·   Artwork submitted should reflect a theme.

·   Accepted artwork must be ready to hang on a wall. Artwork must be smaller than 8 1/2 feet tall. Framed works must have wire or D-rings secured to the back of the frame (no saw teeth). Frames must be sturdy and in good condition.  The Museum is not responsible for artwork damaged as a result of not having been properly framed or mounted.  Clip and plastic box frames are not acceptable.  The Museum reserves the right to reject artwork that is not suitable for hanging.

·   Artists must provide the appropriate amount of artwork to fill Studio M space.   Generally speaking, for medium-sized (24” wide) work, the appropriate number is about 25.  The specific appropriate number varies depending on the size and nature of the work. 

·   Artwork may be for sale.  The Massillon Museum will facilitate all sales transactions, retaining a 30% commission. 

·  All artwork installed on the walls, sold or unsold, must remain on view until the end of the exhibition. Artists may bring additional prints to have available for sale in a print rack for the evening of the exhibition reception only.

·   Work will be unsupervised; artist(s) should take appropriate precautions.

·   All work to be included in the show will be delivered to the Museum by 5:00 pm on the Sunday prior to the opening, or on the date agreed upon by the artist(s) and the Museum’s Studio M Coordinator.  It will be picked up by 5:00 pm on the Tuesday immediately following the close of the show.

·    Reception dates vary depending on the Museum’s existing event schedule. 

·   The Museum will promote the show through the media and to Museum supporters.  The Museum will provide 50 postcard announcements to the artist, who will be responsible for stamping and mailing to their personal lists. The artist may design and mail out his or her own additional postcards, which must be approved by Massillon Museum prior to distribution.

·   For more information about Massillon Museum, visit Massillon Museum's website at For any additional questions, contact the Studio M Coordinator at


Join us at the Downtown Massillon Fun Fest Sat., Aug. 10, 2019 10a-2p

We invite you to participate in the annual Massillon Fun Fest. The event is sponsored by MCTV, The Massillon Museum, and the Downtown Massillon Association.  All area Non-profit Organizations and Massillon Area Businesses are invited to set up booths at NO CHARGE as long as a FREE or NEARLY FREE youth activity is provided.  Your business can also sponsor a special activity or performance.


Because of the Lincoln Way construction, the event will be held in Tommy Hendrick Drive area.  In past years we have provided tables and chairs for participating organizations that were unable to provide or transport them.  The cost of table and chair rental was a major expense of our event.  We so appreciate the organizations that have supplied their own tables in the past, it has saved us thousands of dollars!  Because of the remote location we will have this year, it will be even more difficult to provide tables. We ask that everyone bring their own tables and chairs.  If you cannot arrange to do so, please contact me and I will see if we can make arrangements for a table for you.  Alternatively, if you feel your organization would frequently use a nice folding table, Walmart has inexpensive folding tables that will fit easily into a regular size car.

 Please respond on Submittable  by June 23rd so planning can begin.
Call Liz Gessner McAllister (at MCTV) 833-6655, with questions or suggestions. Thanks!

Liz Gessner McAllister

Ends on July 7, 2019$15.00 - 30.00
$15.00 - 30.00

Upon submitting this entry form, payment must be made via credit card or PayPal. If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, contact Heather Bullach at

Open to present and former Stark County residents and to those currently working in Stark County. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age. All media will be considered. A panel of three independent jurors will select work to be included and prizes to be awarded.

 Acceptable Artwork
Each artist may submit up to three digital images of artwork completed within the past two years. If any staff or juror recognizes work suspected to be older than two years, that piece will be disqualified from the show.

Each artist may submit up to three works. A non-refundable $15 per piece of artwork or $30 for three pieces of artwork must accompany entries. Works may be for sale; the Museum will retain a 30% commission.

Photographs of Artwork
Each artist may submit up to three pieces of artwork. For the jurying process, artwork must be represented by digital photography. No more than two photographs of each artwork will be allowed. All components of the artwork must be visible in original submission. Each digital file must be 300-dpi in jpeg format. Do not superimpose any information (including artist's name) on the photographs. Digital files must be labeled with artist's last name followed by the artwork title, corresponding exactly with the name and title on the entry form (example: monet_waterlilies).

Eligible Work
Work must be completely ready to hang or display. Works on paper must be framed under glass or plexiglass. Frames must be sturdy and in good condition. Clip and plastic box frames are not acceptable. For safety reasons, all hanging work must have D-rings secured to the back. Click here for more information about proper D-ring use.Swath and wires will not be used and may need to be removed if impeding with D-rings. The Museum is not responsible for damage to improperly prepared work. The Museum reserves the right to reject work that is not ready for hanging. Each entry must be identified with the provided label completely filled out and securely attached to the back. No components that were not part of the work upon submission may be added to accepted artwork.

The exhibit labels and brochure will be reproduced exactly from the entry forms. Changes will not be allowed after submission. Labels for the back of artwork will be provided upon acceptance of artwork.


Artists are responsible for delivery of accepted work by 4:00 pm on days when the Museum is regularly open between October 24 and 27, 2019. Late work will be disqualified from the exhibit: artwork not received by 4:00 pm October 27, 2019 will be excluded regardless of circumstances. Packing materials must be clearly marked with the artist's name if they are to be returned after the exhibition.

Work must be picked up following the show between January 31 and February 2, 2020. Artwork not picked up by February 2, 2020 will become the property of the Massillon Museum.


  • Ken Emerick, former Artist Programs and Percent for Art Director, Ohio Arts Council - Columbus 
  • Sarah J. Rogers, Director, Kent State University Museum - Kent
  • Stephen Tomasko, Photographer - Akron




  • Best in show       $300
  • Second place      $200
  • Third place          $100
  • People's choice   $100


NEW Workshops

Tuesday, June 4, 6:00 - 8:00 pm and Saturday, June 8, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Bring your digital photographs for assistance with online submission process (Free), or bring your physical artwork to be photographed and submitted ($5/artwork). RSVP required. Email or call 330.833.4061 to register.

Stark County Artists Schedule

  • Submission deadline: July 7, 2019
  • E-mail notification to artists: August 23, 2019
  • Delivery of accepted artwork: October 24 - 27, 2019
  • Exhibition: November 2, 2019 - January 26, 2020
  • Pick-up of exhibited artwork: January 31 - February 2, 2020

 Exhibition Opening
Saturday, November 2, 2019: 5:30 to 8:00 pm
Awards announced at 7:00 pm
Free, open to the public, no reservations required

Massillon Museum Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Email or call Heather Bullach at 330.833.4061.

Note: Upon submission, please check that you have received a "Submission Received" email notification. If you do not have one in your inbox or spam folder shortly after submitting, please email to make sure that your submission went through and was submitted under the correct email address.


Massillon Museum